• Young Australian of the Year Nomination!
    Margot Fink nominated as a Victorian finalist!

  • All Of Us is a ground-breaking educational resource which will allow teachers in classrooms across Australia to discuss and support gender diversity, sexual diversity and intersex topics.
  • Gender Is Not Uniform
    Supporting Safety In Schools

My name is Margot Fink. I’m an activist, artist and designer from Melbourne.
I use creative problem solving to create social change.

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Minus18 Coming to Adelaide!

Minus18 is bringing its incredible Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal to Adelaide for the very first time! For me personally experiencing a night meeting hundreds of other young people where I could just be totally myself was life changing.

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I’m a Young Australian Nominee?!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, but very proud right now. Being able to represent LGBTI young people as a VIC nominee for the Australian of the Year Awards.

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Busy, busy, busy

Something I find hard is explaining what I’m up to in passing.¬†People usually ask “How’s that project you’re working on going” or something similar. Lately the answer hasn’t been a simple one, so I just follow their lead and see what they’re already familiar with. It’s a tricky question, because at any one time I’ve got a million things going on!

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