Brave New World


Deciding to keep the existing unified, ‘load once and play’ style website over building something new was becoming untenable. So I finally made the call to start fresh.

The old website was outdated, difficult to modify, and had no content management system.

I’m no longer as dedicated to website design as I once was. Coding is something I enjoy as a hobby, but it’s the creation of visual content that I’m really passionate about.

That’s not to say it wasn’t beautiful and I didn’t love it, the website was one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. It had won design awards that got it featured in the Melbourne Museum and was a heap of fun to make, but it’s time to move on.

I’m very excited to see the launch of the brand new website, rebuilt completely.

Using WordPress has been brilliant, and adding new articles and updating the site takes a fraction of the time it has previously. I’m able to keep this site up to date without devoting hours to modifying files individually.

Another big focus was on written content and information. Although the previous website was attractive and engaging with a clean and simple layout, and light animation to guide the viewer, the focus was overly on the website itself as a piece of art, not the content.

The new site lets me either write anything from brief descriptions to full feature articles, or keep it simple as things have always been.

I was sad to see the old site go, but I’m very happy to finally have a new and better site than ever.