Busy, busy, busy


Something I find hard is explaining what I’m up to in passing.┬áPeople usually ask “How’s that project you’re working on going” or something similar. Lately the answer hasn’t been a simple one, so I just follow their lead and see what they’re already familiar with. It’s a tricky question, because at any one time I’ve got a million things going on!

At the moment that’s usually the incredible ‘All Of Us‘ campaign I’m working on. A lot of people know about it because I’ve been promoting it like crazy. We’re crowd-funding right now to ensure the project can go forward. If successful we’ll be able to develop and produce video and written resources to go into schools all across Australia. You can read more about the project here, it’s pretty awesome.

Toilette is nearing completion as well, but it’s gotten a bit held up in post because of time commitments to other things. We redid all the foley a couple weeks ago to better fit with the new cut. It’s sounding and looking really good and I’m excited to finally get it out soon.

There’s a lot of filming and photography work I’ve been doing, as well as training up some awesome young photographers, videographers and writers on creating and publishing content. Working with a new team has been really fun and refreshing, and watching them all grow and find their strengths is something I’ve missed. I really enjoy teaching and training other people a lot, but one of the few reasons I don’t want to aim for teaching full time is so I can keep my focus on creating my own stuff.

So as ever there’s been lots going on, but hardly as much of me writing about it. I’m still getting the new website filled with content and adding old work. I’ve been streamlining all my online content and profiles, including my long neglected DeviantART account.

It’s great to be busy, but as usual that means less time for personal projects. I’m hoping to have more small works and updates starting to trickle out.

My goal is to get up to one new work a week. Here we go!