Minus18 Coming to Adelaide!


Minus18 is bringing its incredible Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal to Adelaide for the very first time! For me personally experiencing a night meeting hundreds of other young people where I could just be totally myself was life changing.

As a person who barely knew many other people my age who were queer, there was kind of of an indescribable ‘wow’ moment when I first walked into the room.

Suddenly I felt so connected and part of something bigger. I went from feeling like an outsider to realising there were so many other amazing people like me.

I can’t recommend the formal highly enough if you’re a young LGBTI person.


Imagine being told by your school that the clothes you feel comfortable wearing to a formal aren’t considered ‘normal’ or don’t conform to a dress code. Imagine not being allowed to take a partner of the same sex, or being too afraid to attend altogether.

It’s a sucky reality for gender diverse and same sex attracted students from all over Australia, who are bullied or made to feel unsupported because of their identity. That’s what the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal is all about; you, me and heaps of other students having the night of our lives.

But it’s also a chance for us to say to schools “Hey, you need to do more to support us; you need to challenge transphobia and homophobia.” Until all schools step up and make their events safe for everyone, we’ll run the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal.