This is Where We Belong

For The Minus18 Foundation

Minus18 is Australia’s largest youth led organisation for gay and lesbian teenagers. With more than 70,000 teens online each year.

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Creating a promotional video to highlight information about the amazing work Minus18 does and show some of the organisation’s young people having fun and enjoying themselves all across Australia was a fantastic experience.

The Minus18 Crew are an amazing team and seeing how happy and confident the young people I met and filmed were I was blown away by the impact the organisation has.

We really wanted to emphasise that Minus18 provided a fun and inclusive environment for all young people, regardless of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion, background or any other aspect of their identity.

I spent a lot of time talking to queer young people about what was important to represent. A  recurring request was emphasising being queer does not inherently mean a life of hardship or adversity. We really wanted to show that queer young people can live very happy, fulfilled lives just like any other Australian teen.

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