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Working with Magic Lantern Raw Video

I’ve spent most of the day just transferring footage and prepping to edit 5D3 Raw video, the workflow is much more clunky than RED because it’s all very hacked together, whereas R3D files are basically natively or easily supported everywhere…

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Canon 50mm f1.8

I recently got my hands on a Canon 50mm f1.8, not the more recent plastic body Mark II, but the discontinued original.

The lens has the same great optics in a compact body as the Mark II, but the ergonomics of this lens are far better.

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Capsule Hotels

Quick non-creativity related post from my Japan trip

Capsule Hotels are a surreal experience.

We visited 9h, a small ‘luxury’ capsule hotel in Kyoto. It felt like walking into a spaceship, the entire place was beautifully designed with intense, but thoughtful futuristic styling to immerse guests in the experience.

I had a great stay, and I highly recommend staying a night there to anyone considering a trip to Japan.

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Canon EOS 3

We were wandering through Hiroshima last week and came across this tiny store with hundreds of old cameras. They had everything from Canon FD to old Leicas and even Hasselblads…

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Something I don’t understand about film

There is a crazy abundance of terrible typography and graphic design in and used to promote films.

The films themselves, especially at an indie level, are often otherwise visually stunning, but anything that ventures into the realm of design and suddenly things crumble.

It’s bizarre to me, that people who are typically considerate of every minute detail of their extremely visual medium so often don’t see (or don’t care about) bad type and graphics in their work.

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