Canon EOS 3


We were wandering through Hiroshima last week and came across this tiny store with hundreds of old cameras. They had everything from Canon FD to old Leicas and even Hasselblads…

We sprinted back to our room to do some research and in under an hour chose and picked up a new camera each.

It’s an amazing camera to use, the AF system is completely unlike anything else.

The EOS-3 uses ‘Eye Control’ which basically tracks the direction of your eye in the viewfinder to select your AF point. If you prefer to do things manually you have the option, but Eye Control actually works amazingly well.

Shooting film has been really refreshing as well, 24 exposures, rather than hundreds or thousands of digital images. It takes a lot more consideration and is way more fun to shoot than digital.

I’m looking forward to developing my shots when we get to Tokyo, (hopefully at least a few will be properly exposed).