Working with Magic Lantern Raw Video


I’ve spent most of the day just transferring footage and prepping to edit 5D3 Raw video, the workflow is much more clunky than RED because it’s all very hacked together, whereas R3D files are basically natively or easily supported everywhere…

File size is definitely an issue, but far less so than compatability.

For example I shot two videos with the Epic around January, both of which I edited almost entirely on a laptop while travelling.

I could also easily edit the footage on an 8 year old Mac Pro which for the most part has had no hardware upgrades.

By comparison many of the workflows I’m trying to use are extremely demanding and slow, or require DaVinci Resolve, which without OpenCL support on my Mac Pro’s graphics card is a problem.

The footage itself in testing is absolutely stunning. It’s amazing to get footage like this from a DSLR and completely blows away h.264. I wish Canon would improve the compression of video in their native software. Something like a ProRes or even the Canon XF Codec on the Canon C300 would be fantastic if the hardware can handle it.

Canon are unlikely to do anything like that to avoid severely disrupting their product line, but the sales would likely be absolutely explosive if they did.

In essence I feel that the gap between Canon’s native video and the Magic Lantern Raw Module is insane. It’s two very far extremes. I’d like something in the middle, that isn’t as massive or demanding as Raw, but isn’t as horribly low quality and excessively compressed as Canon DSLR h.264, even just a nicer flavour of h.264.

My understanding of the technology at work here is limited, so this is purely wishful thinking.

Nonetheless, it’s amazing to have this kind of power in such a small and (relatively) inexpensive device.

The Photographic capabilities of the 5D Mark III are why if I personally had to choose again I’d still go 5D3 over something like the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, but the fact that Canon’s Camera plus an aftermarket open source hack even come close to a high quality digital video camera is fantastic.